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Thank You From HEARTH

THANK YOU! We received your donation and want you know how grateful we are for your support. Here is a quick look at one of the families you have helped.

Joy walked away from her home with her one-year-old daughter on her hip and her diaper bag draped across her shoulder. She had nowhere to go, but she knew she couldn’t stay. She had to leave not only for herself, but for her daughter, so that she would never be a target of her father’s brutality.

She was on her own with only her one-year-old daughter and her diaper bag. No money, no clothes, no shelter, but still she walked away. Joy had no family in the area and knew she couldn’t turn to friends for fear her husband would find them. They ended up at a domestic violence shelter for the next 30 days. Joy spent those 30 days in the shelter with nothing but her daughter and her diaper bag, searching for the next step in her journey.

The path led Joy to HEARTH. She opened the door to her fully furnished apartment, a bedroom with fresh linens, and a bathroom with clean towels. Walking into the clothing pantry, Joy picked out an outfit and after 30 days, she was finally able to change her clothes.

On that day, Joy changed not only her clothes, but her life. She was able to do so because of you and others like you, who find it in your hearts to give to perfect strangers. Not only have you changed Joy’s life, but you’ve played a part in changing the lives of 270 families in crisis who have walked through HEARTH’s doors, striving to become independent and self-sufficient. Not only have you changed the lives of 270 parents, but you have helped end the cycle of homelessness and abuse for the 499 children who have come here with those parents.

For all that you have done to change the lives of these families, thank you.

Judy Eakin
HEARTH Executive Director