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Discount Power Green Initiative Beach Trash Cleanup

Discount Power is highlighted in this Shelton Herald paper for our green efforts with the International Coastal Challenge and working with Connecticut’s “Save the Sound.” On Thursday, September 15th several of Discount Power’s employees set out to offer support during the annual “coastal clean-up” effort in Connecticut. To date, over 58 clean-up sessions have been done offering up over 1,512 volunteers in the state and over 6,517 pounds of garbage covering over 45 miles of waterfront. In an effort to give back to our local community, Discount Power offered support with this “green” effort and was looking to showcase how you can empower your life and contribute to a greener world by choosing 100% wind energy for your home or business. Discount Power, Inc. offers customers the opportunity to support renewable energy for your home or business. When you select a green product, Discount Power purchases renewable electricity on your behalf in the form of grid power plus renewable energy certificates (RECs). By choosing the Discount Power Green product, you will help reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about our coastal clean-up event by clicking HERE.