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Are You Ready For Winter?

Cold weather is just around the corner! Fall in New England marks the time you start to prepare for winter and hopefully, find some cost savings ideas for your home. Below are a few helpful hints of simple items to help you find cost savings and more energy efficient ideas for your home.

1. Windows - provide a barrier to the cold weather. Energy efficient windows can help reduce heat loss. Storm windows can help with 10-20% support in cutting back cold weather. Caulking around the window can also help optimize your home heating loss.

2. Fireplace - consider replacing a wood-burning fireplace with a more efficient wood stove or gas insert. Some states even offer a rebate or tax credit for upgrading your inefficient fireplace. If you’re not interested in updating your fireplace, try adding glass doors with a heat-air exchange system and make sure your flue damper has been properly cleaned and sealed.

3. Reverse your ceiling fan - to help circulate warm air in the winter. In doing so, you will push down the warm air and recirculate it throughout the room.

4. Insulate - heat will flow from warm living spaces to an unheated attic, garage and basement. This will make your heating system work harder if your home isn’’t properly insulated. So, be mindful of your unheated spaces and make sure they are properly insulated or protected to avoid wasting energy during the cold months.

5. Check your utility contract and make sure you have an affordable fixed rate going into the winter months. Browse our site for more details on our current rates in your town.