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Discount Power, Inc. Launches 100% Wind Energy Products

Discount Power, a licensed retail energy supplier, announced that they have launched green energy products for their customers to support clean energy production, paving the way to become less reliant on fossil fuels.

“Discount Power strives to create tangible value for our customers, we’re very proud to be one of a few retail utility suppliers in the area offering 100% wind energy for your home or business. We chose wind energy for its value to customers and for being carbon neutral,” said Joel Glassman, Chief Operations Officer at Discount Power Inc. “By signing up for Discount Power’s green products, you will ensure that every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity you use is from clean renewable energy.”

Discount Power procures renewable electricity for its green products in the form of grid power plus renewable energy certificates (RECs) sourced from national wind generators, a carbon neutral generation source. RECs represent the environmental attributes of power generated from renewable energy generation.

In addition to offering green energy products, Discount Power will contribute to a greener world by donating a portion of all proceeds from the newly launched green products to a local environmental charity.

Discount Power, based in Shelton, CT, is a licensed retail energy supplier serving customers in CT, MA, OH, PA and MD. Along with offering renewable products, Discount Power offers additional value adds to its customers including rewards for shopping and dining. Discount Power also gives back to the local community of its customers with the Generate Hope program, offering donations to various non-profit organizations in the markets they serve.

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Power Drains While Technology Is Turned Off

Once upon a time, there was a difference between having your power ON and OFF. Now, it’s just more complicated. Each home on average has about fifty devices and appliances drawing power, even when they appear to be turned off. It all adds up! About a quarter of all residential energy consumption is used on “idle” power mode according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. This simply means that devices that are “off” or in standby or sleep mode can use up to $19 billion dollars in billable electricity each year.


LG washing Machine - 7W on and 4W when in the off mode

AppleTV - 21W on and 17W off

Samsung cable box - 28W on and recording and 26W off and not recording

Apple MacBook - 48W - open and charging, 48W closed and charging, and 27W open and fully charged

In addition to the above items, there are lots of devices and appliances in your home like ovens, refrigerators, coffee makers, game consoles, etc... that are plugged in. While these items have become more efficient over the years with LED bulbs and Energy Star appliance ratings, they still tend to drain a great deal of power even when they are turned off. The easiest way to save electricity on these items while they are turned off is to plug them into a power strip so you can easily “unplug” multiple items at once by turning off the power strip.

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HVAC Maintenance

Summer is here and temperatures are on the rise so, be mindful of your HVAC system and do some maintenance. Proper maintenance is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems and optimize your energy spend on air conditioning this summer. These simple steps can help you save money:

1. Change your air filter every three months. Dirty filters block air flow which can cause your system to work harder, leading to higher energy bills, as well as a system failure at some point.

2. Make sure your cooling system is operating at peak performance and have a HVAC contractor come do an annual tune-up of your system.

3. If your HVAC system is 12 years old or older you might consider replacing it with an ENERGY STAR unit. These new state of the art heating and cooling systems can cut your yearly energy spend a great deal.

4. Check outdoors and make sure you have nothing blocking your outside A/C unit; plants can grow too close to the unit and might create problems.

5. Consider cleaning the ducts in your home with a professional service. They can also check for possible air leaks or damage to the ducts.

Discount Power is looking to help you save on utility spend during the year. These simple steps can offer a great deal of support to your home during the summer months and throughout the year.

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Summer Savings Tips

Homeowners in the Northeast are almost always running systems to either heat or cool your home. Discount Power would like to offer some energy savings tips to help your home to be more efficient.

Air Conditioners: Purchase ENERGYSTAR rated equipment to be sure they are state of the art and energy-efficient products.

Weather Stripping and Insulation: Weather-stripping your windows, doors and attic to stop air leaks and reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool your home can help. Insulating your attic, walls, flooring and crawl spaces likewise can also offer support to lower your energy bills during the year.

HVAC System: Do some maintenance to make sure your air filters are cleaned. If your system is older than 12 years you might want to consider replacing it with an ENERGY STAR unit. Make sure nothing outdoors is blocking your unit like plants and consider having your ducts cleaned by a professional service.

Programmable and wireless thermostats: Programmable thermostats will offer you a consistent gauge for your home, offering you better control of the overall temperature in your home and could also offer you remote access with a wireless thermostat when you are out of town or simply away from the house for the day.

Air-Sourced Heat Pump Water Heater: Air-sourced heat pump water heaters pull energy from the surrounding air and add it to your hot water storage tank. They can be easily 2-3 times more effective than a conventional water heater. They are also safer for your home.

Electricity Generation Costs: Compare the fixed rate electricity generation offerings in Connecticut at ctenergysavings.com and make sure you are saving on your monthly spend.

Taking advantage of energy-efficiency incentives for your home can ensure that you have a greener home that will offer you lower energy cost during the year.