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Thermostat Savings

Savings on energy is a serious concern, especially in the winter. Even though the cost of oil is lower than during recent years, it’s always an effort to try to save money on the fuel we use to heat our homes.

When it comes to a heating system, it never makes sense to leave it running when the heat isn’t needed. You should turn the heat down in the cold winter days to conserve energy and save some money. A smart thermostat that can program when the heat comes on and off can save money for any homeowner! You can program the unit to turn down at 8AM when people leave the house and then turn on again around 5PM when people return home.

Smart thermostats can also be adjusted to work in specific zones of a home so you can keep unused rooms cooler than the rest of the house if they are empty. These thermostats can also turn down the heat when people go to sleep and then turn the heat on again just prior to wake up time since people tend to have a deeper sleep in a cooler house. Of course, you need to be sensitive to older homes that are poorly insulated. You don’t want to freeze pipes in a home due to it being too cold. Please use your best judgement with older homes. Keeping your heat at a minimum of 60 degrees is always in your best interest when on vacation, out for the day or within a “less used” area of your house.