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FAQ Regarding Your Residential Electricity Services


Discount Power FAQ...

What is deregulation and what does it mean to me?

Deregulation allows companies other than the public utilities to offer electric power to consumers. This allows for competition that can result in a lower overall cost.

What do you mean by the generation portion of my bill?

There are two elements to your electric bill. One is the cost of the electricity and the other is the cost of delivering the electricity to your home or office. The generation portion of your bill is the cost you pay to buy the electricity.

What is a variable rate?

A variable rate is a rate that may fluctuate based upon market conditions.

What is a fixed rate?

A fixed rate is a rate that will not change during the term of the contract. After the fixed rate term is over, the rate may fluctuate based upon market conditions or roll to a new fixed rate.

Will I get two electric bills?

No, you will receive only one bill. The bill will come from your utility which will offer utility distribution charges and Discount Power generation charges.

Who do I call if my power goes out?

You still contact the public utility if your service goes out or you have any other repair issues.

If I cancel do I have to pay a fee or penalty?

Discount Power does not charge any fees for customers on a variable rate if you switch your service to another supplier or to the utility. If you are on a fixed rate plan, you may be charged a fee if you switch your service before the end of the fixed rate term. Your welcome letter and terms and conditions from Discount Power will clearly state the product that you’ve selected.

When I switch, how long does it take before I see Discount Power on my bill?

When you enroll, Discount Power submits a request to your utility to switch your service to us. Depending on the date of your next meter read and your utility’s rules, this switch could take effect either your next upcoming meter read or the one after that. Once the switch occurs, you will see Discount Power’s name on your first utility bill for the period after the switch.

When I switch do you need to install a new meter or will my power be shut off?

No, the switch is seamless. The only difference you will notice is that on your bill you will see Discount Power and your new rate. There is no interruption of service.

How can I reach my utility in case of a power outage?

Please refer to the listing below to find the contact number for your public utility.


United Illuminating


National Grid


Duke Energy


Duquesne Light
PECO Energy
PPL Electric Utilities

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